Welcome to Älgens Hus.

Älgens Hus lies in North Sweden. Beautifully located slightly west of Bjurholm with 70 kilometres to Umeå, 100 kilometres to Örnsköldsvik and 100 kilometres to Lycksele.

The farm is located in North Sweden, about 45 minutes by car from Umeå.

Despite our vicinity to Lapland, it is still easy to get here by airplane, bus or car. Umeå airport is the nearest airport.

Contact us:

Älgens Hus
Västernyliden 23
SE-916 92 Bjurholm

Phone: +46 932-500 00
Email: info@algenshus.se
Org. Reg. No: 556539-1439

Travel to Älgens Hus:

Rental car
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By plane
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We are happy to arrange for you to be picked up from the airport in Umeå.

Travel by bus
From Umeå to Balsjö with Länstrafiken.

The team at Älgens Hus:

Älgens Hus

Christer Johansson | CEO & press contact
Phone: +46 932-500 00

Älgens Hus

Daniel Johansson | Activities and bookings
Phone: +46 932-500 00

Älgens Hus

Ulla Johansson | Restaurant and bookings
Phone: +46 932-500 00