tama älgar och älgkalvar

Visit our tame moose and moose calves

Welcome to Sweden’s and Europe’s first Moose farm with tame moose and moose calves. Älgens Hus is located about 65 km from Umeå in a beautiful village west of Bjurholm. Come experience the moose, the King of the Forest, and get an experience of a lifetime.

The price includes a slideshow and naturally a visit to our noble moose. Our experienced guides will give you and your family the chance to study these majestic creatures up close.


In our charming slideshow room adjacent to the museum, you get to sit down and enjoy an 18 minute long slideshow.

It is a captivating story to beautiful animal and nature photographs. You get to follow the life of the moose through four seasons. We can offer the beautiful slideshow in four languages:

  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • English
  • German

You can also take a look at our unique collection of Clint’s moose antlers from his first to his last.

Facts about the moose:

  • Latin name: Alces alces
  • Order: Even-toed ungulates (Artiodactyla)
  • Family: Deer (Cervidae)
  • Weight: Bull moose 450 kilograms, female 350 kilograms
  • Shoulder height: Up to 2.3 metres
  • Maturity: at 2 years of age
  • Mating season: September–October
  • Period of pregnancy: 8 months
  • Number of calves: 1–3 (most often 1)
  • Average life span: 10 years, but can reach 20 years of age
  • Eats: Herbivore (vegetarian)
  • Distribution in Sweden: All over the country apart from Gotland

The Museum

In the museum, you get to learn everything worth knowing about the moose, delivered with excitement and drama by the guide. We also show off some rock carvings, mounted animals, record antlers and everything that concerns the life of the moose. A tour of the museum generally takes 30–40 minutes depending on the number of questions asked.

Pat a moose

You are given the chance to come really close to the moose.

Go into the moose enclosure together with our experienced guides to pat and possibly even mount a large, tame moose bull. During the summer season, you can join a guide to visit this year’s calves in their enclosure. You’ll also hear some stories of the cute calves.

Experience what the fur of a moose feels like and the magnificent size of a full-grown moose. You may even mount one of our large male moose. And let the smaller moose calves charm.