Moose movies

Cute moose calf patted by Linnea.

Here the newborn moose calves Nisse and Nina are fed by our guide Ulla Johansson.

Here, our Guide Christer Johansson shows the moose calves, which are just a day old.

Our guide Christer Johansson presents the moose bulls for today’s visitors.

Facts about the moose:

  • Latin name: Alces alces
  • Order: Even-toed ungulates (Artiodactyla)
  • Family: Deer (Cervidae)
  • Weight: Bull moose 450 kilograms, female 350 kilograms
  • Shoulder height: Up to 2.3 metres
  • Maturity: at 2 years of age
  • Mating season: September–October
  • Period of pregnancy: 8 months
  • Number of calves: 1–3 (most often 1)
  • Average life span: 10 years, but can reach 20 years of age
  • Eats: Herbivore (vegetarian)
  • Distribution in Sweden: All over the country apart from Gotland